Nios Deled Assignment Cover/ Front Page

Hope, you all have successfully completed the 2nd year registration process for D.El.Ed course. Now its time to prepare for remaining assignments. In the 2nd year, you have to complete 506, 507, 508, 509/ 510 assignments.  And it is compulsory to submit the solved assignments before the exam. You also have to submit exam form online along with fees to be eligible for upcoming examinations. In this article, we will provide tips to make your Nios Deled Assignment Cover Page or Front Page as well as download links of front page samples.

Nios Deled Assignment cover page

Nios Deled Assignment  506, 507, 508, 509/ 510

Course-based assignments is an integral and compulsory component of the instructional system. You can download the assignments questions from In the 2nd year, there are total four subjects 506, 507, 508 and 509/ 510 (You have to choose only one subject) containing three assignment in each subject carrying 30 marks in each course and the passing marks is 12(40%). You have to submit the assignments to the study centre.

How to Create Nios Deled Assignment Front Page?

You have to submit the D.El.Ed assignments with the proper cover page so that your marks can be updated with your record. So, you must have to follow a Format while creating Assignment Front Page.

Below mentioned information should appear on the cover page

  • Study Centre
  • Course Title
  • Course Code
  • Assignment Code
  • Write Enrolment Number
  • Your full name
  • Address: Village/ Town, City, PIN, State etc. details
  • Date of Submission


Write your enrolment no., name and full address and date at the top right-hand corner of the first page of your assignment response.

Write the course title code and assignment code in capital letters in the centre at the top of the first page of your response.

Leave the top left-hand corner blank for office use.

If you do not write your enrolment number and address, your assignment-responses are likely to be lost.

The assignment-response should be complete in all respects. Incomplete responses will bring you poor grades.

Download Nios Deled Assignment Cover Page

Below we have added samples of  Assignment Cover Page/ Front Page Format. You can download PDF file from below links.

Disclaimer: These are not official cover page samples. We have created the sample pages for educational purpose only. We are not responsible for any error in the samples. So, we recommend you to follow the official front page format strictly.

You can also modify/ edit these front page samples according to your need. To edit or add your name, address & other details we recommend you to use this PDF Editor, Just upload the PDF file >> Modify and then save on your PC.


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