Nios Deled Workshop Based Activities For Second Year

NIOS D.El.Ed 513 WORKSHOP II (SECOND YEAR): The Workshop Based Activities conducted in Nios Deled Programme gives you the basic introduction to techniques and tips for facilitation, useful for training in different aspects of teaching and learning. In the workshop based activities, you will get face to face interaction with the resource persons, peer grounds, and others. It will also provide a platform for you for exchanging your views as a teacher.

NIOS Deled Workshop Based Activities

Nios Deled Workshop Based Activities

The Workshop Based Activities conducted by NIOS in DELED (Diploma in Elementary Education) will be organized in the study centre. The duration of the workshop is 12 days for each year. The date of the workshop will be conducted by the Study Center authority/ Coordinator as per the local needs in given timeline by NIOS. All the activities related to the workshop will be conducted in three stages (Pre-workshop, during-workshop, post-workshop), with the objective to develop various courses based skills.

Nios Deled 513 WBA Details

The workshop II (Second year) involve 4 Credits carrying 100 Marks. It carries weight under as

513 WBA (2nd Year) Marks
Concept mapping in two subjects- Language, Maths, EVS, Sc/S.Sc (8×2) 16
Acting on Art, physical & Health and work education (3×8) 24
Analysis of Time Table/ Annual activity Calender 10
School Community relationship 10
Seminar presentation 20
Participate in Process evaluation 20

The Workshop Based activities (WBA 513) involve 140 Hours (4 Credits) in the second year. The workshop will be conducted by the study centre coordinator and resource persons who are identified from the faculty of DIET/PTTIs. The study hours for the NIOS Deled Based Workshop are under follows:

ActivitiesRequired Study Hours
Pre Workshop Activities26 Hours
During Workshop Activities84 Hours
Post Workshop Activities10 Hours

Sessions of 513 WBA (Second Year)

WBA 513 pdf

The Schedule of a Day (Time Table)

The timetable for workshop based activity (513 WBA) of a day are as

Workshop BAsed activities Schedule of a Day (Time Table)

The format for Lesson Note/ Diary

Here is the format for your lesson plan-

WorkShop2 Format for Lession Note-Diary

The format for Lesson Observation

When doing workshop you will be under observation, and your 100% attendance during the workshop is compulsory. You will be rewarded with marks for your performance. Below is the format for your observation which will be observed by the resource persons.

Workshop2 Format for lession Observation


At last, your performance and participation will be assessed in each activity. Since the workshop based activities are for the second year is 4 credits carrying 100 Marks (120 Hour of study hour in your part) in the second year, so the evaluation of your performance is essential.

Must Read:

So, What You Need to Do in Your Assessment?

In the assessment, you are required to prepare reports on various activities undertaken by you individually and submit the same to the resource person or faculty during the workshop, i.e. the next day of the activity. You need to submit all the reports to the resource person for evaluation. The reports will be evaluated with the help of rating scales. The format of evaluating the reports has been given in the handbook provided by the study centre. Also, you will get marks on your performance, punctuality, attendance, and sincerity also. Your involvement participation in the various activities during the workshop sessions will be under observation for rewarding marks.

So, never miss a single day during the workshop days. We convey Best of luck for the Workshop Based Activities (2nd year 513 WBA) on your performance. For more details read official PDF from here.

Solved WBA 513 in PDF

We have added Nios 513 WBA  Answers in PDF in Hindi & English. See Below Table.

Solved WBA 513Answers in PDF

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